When you post the link to your site on Facebook, and the wrong image shows up in the preview.

If you ever post the link to your WordPress website on Facebook, this has happened to you, or it will happen to you soon.

How did this happen?
The answer is that you made changes on your website and Facebook has a hard time catching up and still shows the old info. When you change the featured image or the snippet in Yoast SEO of your page or post and you post that link on Facebook, the new information will not show up, and Facebook will grab the old image from your page.

That is exactly what I did the other day. I photoshopped my headshot with a new background and uploaded it as the new featured image of my Homepage. I also updated the snippet description to put my Web Design services in the spotlight. When I went over to Facebook to post the link the old info showed instead of the fresh content I had just added.

Facebook wrong image - Facebook Sharing Debugger

Very annoying when you spend time on updating your page and you want those changes to show up on Facebook as well. Deleting the Facebook post and trying again will not make a difference. Believe me, I tried that before discovering the solution to this problem.

The good news is that there is an easy fix.
In the Facebook for Developers toolbox, you can find a handy little tool called the Sharing Debugger.

Facebook wrong image - Facebook Sharing Debugger

Just enter the URL of your page in the box and click Debug. The debugger will crawl your page, check the info and refresh the image and description. You should now see the changes that you made on your page in the Link Preview of the Sharing Debugger. If not, scrape again.
If you now head over to your Facebook page and post the link to your website, the correct image and description will show up.

Facebook wrong image - Facebook Sharing Debugger